Here at Little Canoe, we create art that pays a beautiful homage to Mother Nature. Our desire is to build a connection to and an appreciation for wild places. In doing so, we hope to inspire proactive protection and conservation of the spaces we hold dear. We do this through whimsical design and quaint storytelling. 



Little Canoe donates a portion of our proceeds towards a rotation of environmental charities, including the National Resources Defense Council, The Environmental Defense Fund, The Sierra Club, Earth Guardians and more. We also use eco-friendly and recycled papers and packaging whenever possible.


 I'm Brooke Weeber, the illustrator and designer behind Little Canoe. I live in my self-built 2019 Ford Transit van with my dog, Huxley. When I'm not drawing pictures, I spend the majority of my time exploring trails and riding bikes around the mountains and deserts of the American West. My experiences in outdoor spaces is what's led me to devote my artwork to commemorate them. Thank you for coming on this journey with me. Your support puts gas in my tank and fuels my creativity.