Columbia River Gorge Sticker
Columbia River Gorge Sticker

Columbia River Gorge Sticker

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For those of you that live in Portland and it's surrounding areas, or for those of you that have traveled here, you've probably spent some time hiking and relaxing in the Columbia River Gorge. We have a deep respect and love for this landscape that many of us call our "church." Recently a reckless individual threw some fireworks into a ravine and started a fire that has damaged much of this beautiful, sacred space. I've made this sticker to commemorate that place that many people call special.

Show your support if you love this wild place. The sticker is perfect for your bumper, window, door, binder, book or water bottle. It's a waterproof sticker built to last the next 4 years and beyond. Measuring 5x4," it's big enough to make a statement. Sticker will be mailed flat to your door.

Thank you for your support.

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